Do you need help getting your amazing table top game ready to publish? Draupnir Press can help you on any or all of the steps in that process. This includes game design consulting, illustration, and graphic design. Contact us at for more information. 

Graphic Design

If you already have a solid game design and beautiful art, you still need them put together and ready for printing. We understand the unique design challenges of combining these elements for a table top game utilizing a boards, cards, books, chits, tiles, spinners, etc to create a user interface that enhances your mechanic. We know how to prepare your files for any prepress specs and have a special relationship with The Game Crafter as well as experience working with Panda. We know just what it takes to get your game ready for them to build. 

Our layout and cover design services are perfect for anyone looking to self publish a RPG or any book via Amazon or Ingram. We will walk you through the process of developing an attractive and readable layout for your book. Draupnir Press will also design a unique cover illustration for your publication that will help you get noticed by your readers.

There are many other odds and ends of graphic design that we can deliver. This includes illustration and layout for t-shirts, logos, packaging, business cards, greeting cards, flyers, mailers, advertisements, and pretty much any promotional images you need for web or print.


You can't judge a game by its cover, but you do sell a game by its cover. Beautiful art is the key counterpoint to elegant game design. 

Game Design Consulting

There are many aspects you need to think about when making a game. We can help you prepare for crowdfunding, guide you when considering production costs versus price point, and figure out the special considerations needed for your game and what you are hoping to accomplish with it.

"Adelheid put together a logo for Winterland that was so perfectly matched to what I wanted, I’d swear she was a mind reader! Her work sets itself apart from the pack of Adobe Illustrator generation designers in that her artwork has a distinctly organic quality to it. Like great graphic art used to have. She is incredibly professional yet easy to deal with, works quickly and is therefore very affordable for the quality of work she produces. I HIGHLY recommend that you hire her for any design needs you may have." Stacy Webster, Winterland

Visit Behance to see more examples. Visit Board Game Geek for my listing and check out my character sheet. Contact Adelheid at or call 319-480-6679 to discuss rates and availability for your project.